Chip tuning


Chip tuning


We can improve the performance of your vehicle because we take our time to make sure the calibration (i.e. customization) matches the application.

We specialize in providing the following services:

– Measurement of all engine parameters, torque and engine diagnostics to verify correct calibration (including carburetor engines) for the vehicle in our custom built dynamometer case.

Your vehicle’s OEMs have spent quite a few man-hours collecting data to make sure the calibration meets their requirements. When replacing components (eg camshafts, exhaust gases, etc.) All original engine specifications are changed. We individually calibrate the engine for these new changes, thus ensuring that the new layout works effectively together to make the most of the new changes and therefore be more powerful.

-Reassigning an ECU involves re-calibrating an existing ECU, usually by flashing or updating the ECU in real time after changing the corresponding memory locations on the map.

– Checking the jet on pre-electronic cars is important, including the angle of rotation of the engine.

-Complete replacement of your ECU with a standalone, plugged in or plugged in to mains power supply to ensure real-time tuning of the engine (or transmission) control parameters calibrated on our dynamometer is the best way to ensure that all modifications to your mechanical engine (e.g. exhaust, etc.) can be used by the car in real time at our booth.

-Check for any error codes with their display with ECU access in the dyno to make sure your standard setting meets spec, whether your car is newer or older classic.

– Road test of the vehicle if we think it is necessary

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